Inevitably people are curious to what imaging equipment we use.  Here is our current lineup.  In the past we had 80lbs of just camera equipment.  When we went on a dive trip our total pushed 200lbs in 4 checked bags and 2-3 carry-ons.  That has been reduced as I do not dive with a DSLR anymore.  I have found the Sony RX100 series with wet lenses meet my needs.  How I came to this decision is outlined here:

Sony RX100V
Sony A7RIII Full Frame Mirrorless Camera (For Dry Land Only)
Canon HF G30 Prosumer Video Camera
GoPro Hero +7
Insta360 One R 


Nauticam RX100IV Housing
Gates HF G30 Video Housing with Super Wide and Macro Ports


2x iTorch Pro 7,  5000 lumen video lights
1x iTorch Pro 5,  2400 lumen focus/video light
4x Sea & Sea YS-D1 Strobes


Camera Lenses
+5 B&W Diopter for the Canon when shooting Macro
Nauticam CMC1 Diopter for the Sony RX100IV when shooting Macro
+5 (misc) Diopters for the Sony RX100IV when shooting Macro  
Nauticam  Wide angle lens and dome
Sony 200-600mm
Sigma 28-200mm
Sony 12-24mm
Zeiss 55mm
Sony 35mm


Vast array of arms, trays, clamps, sync cords, tools, batteries and uncountable chargers!
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