Tonga's Humpback Whales, 4mins

Humpback Whales of Tonga, 14mins

Our chance to aid one ot the oceans most amazing creatures

Diving Ambon Indonesia from the Dewi Nusantara

The Flying Snakes of Gili Manuk, Indonesia

Diving in the Solomon Islands from the Bilikiki live aboard

Solomon Islands the 14min version

Diving Cocos Island in the time of El Nino

Cocos Island's world famous white tip shark night dive

The following videos were produced with Photodex.  You will need to download their free plug in to view. These videos can only be viewed on Windows machines, sorry...

Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island, Mexico

PNG, Milne Bay

Fiji, from the Fiji Aggressor

Belize, from the Belize Aggressor

The Great Barrier Reef

Mozambique, Africa

Thailand and the Similian Islands

Thailand and the Similin Islands

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