The Beauty of Belize

It had been over two years since we had dove the Carribian.  The Aggressor Fleet was running a special and we took advantage of it.

We arrived early, about 9am, and the boat did not depart til after dinner that evening. As always, we were picked up at the airport and taken to the boat where we loaded our gear aboard.  As they were not ready for us quite yet, we set up our tanks and then wandered around town a little.  There was not much to see, and the weather was rainy so we ended up having lunch a restaurant recommended by the crew. Fortunately they had a “lounge” area that we were able to sip drinks and take a nap. Once our shipmates arrived around 5pm ,it was the typical move in, welcome aboard, and boat briefing.  Dinner is served and then you head out.

 Belize Aggressor
 Of course Aggressor has an informative website and an excellent  reputation.
We have dove with Aggressor several times and have always been happy with the boats, service and diving.  The Belize Aggressor III is a comfortable and large boat, taking up to 20 divers.  Our room was the standard double bunk with a single above and private head.  It was a bit on the small side, but there was enough room for all our stuff.  The dive deck is large with plenty of room for all.  The camera table is also good sized  with enough space between the bottom shelf and deck to store my Storm Case.
Belize Diving
 It is the typical Aggressors schedule of “dive, eat, sleep” doing 5 dives per day.  The first dive briefing was long ,and then they got shorter and shorter as the trip went along.  The crew rotated thru as dive guides and Captain Jay was our video guru and my solo buddy on several night dives.  Typically you could follow the dive guide or go on your own.  Most all the dives were from and to the stern of the boat.

  Belize reefs are in good health and what impressed me the most was the wonderful variety of sponges. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Some so large even the 10.5mm  fisheye lens struggled to capture them.  Barracuda, jacks, green morays and yellow headed jaw fish populated just about every site.  Another highlight was seeing sail fin blennies, and we were fortunate to see two either courting or fighting over living space.
Weather was a bit of a factor, as we had winds and rain on a couple of days.  Then in typical Caribbean fashion it would clear and everyone was out catching rays on the upper deck.  We hit all the advertised sites.
Dive Highlights
 Aquarium:  My favorite site.  Great sponges, nurse shark, eagle rays and a nice wall.
 Blue Hole:  Not really a highlight, I could pass on this dive but many on our trip really seem to enjoy it.
Sand Box:  Of course a great spot for yellow head jawfish.

Tarpon Caves/Lighthouse Wall: Both had nice swim thrus and were swarming with silversides being hunted by jacks and tarpon.  In addition there were quite a few trigger fish hunting in the sand for a meal.
 Belize is one more can’t go wrong Caribbean destination.  The Aggressor operation meets their typically high standards.  One more eat, sleep, dive location to put on your list.
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