I have been in love with the ocean since childhood.  Our family was always by, on or in the water.  My mother claims my fascination with the sea  started when someone gave me the storybook album Bozo Under the Sea, how appropriate.  At age 10 an uncle who actually dove with J.Y. Cousteau gave me a copy of The Silent World.  I remember thinking someday that will be me.  I dove camera free for 25yrs but 9yrs ago combined the two hobbies and now can’t imagine diving without a camera in hand.

Being a former landlocked Montanan, my love of diving came later in life.  My Undergrad 

degree in biology provided me with a good marine life background.  My husband urged me to take up the sport and I’m so grateful that I did.  Diving with Martin has exposed me to so many cultures and given me more pleasure than I could have ever imagined.  Always looking for a new challenge I have taken up the video camera and am addicted.  The only downside is Martin has lost his model and critter finder.


Sydney, named after one of our favorite cities, is our 5yr old American Bulldog.  Not one much for the water but she does love the snow!

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